Irish dance classes in Richmond, VA

"Dance with your heart and your feet will follow."

- Author unknown

Current Class Schedule

Our Fall Schedule starts September 7, 2016.  See the Google calendar below for holidays and breaks.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

5:30pm-Sprites 1
6:00pm-Sprites 2
6:30pm-Beginner Soft Shoe
7:15pm-Beginner Hard Shoe
7:45pm-Teen/Adult Beginner
5:00pm-Celtic Treble
6:00pm-Celtic Beats
7:00pm-Celtic Pulse
8:00pm-Open Soft Shoe

6:00pm-Intermediate Soft Shoe
7:00pm-Primary Hard Shoe
8:00pm-Open Hard Shoe

5:15pm-Primary Soft Shoe
6:15pm-Adv. Beg. Hard Shoe
7:00pm-Ballet for Irish Dancers

Starting in November!
11:00am-Beginner Soft Shoe
11:30am-Beginner Hard Shoe

For a more detailed calendar, including scheduled holidays and performances, please see our Google calendar below!