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An ongoing list of questions that may arise…

Dances (Syllabus)
Videotaping is Prohibited
Differences between WIDA and other Federations
Attire/Determining Levels

What dances will be offered for each level?

Beginner  – Reel, Slip Jig, Light Jig, Single Jig, Traditional Treble Jig, Traditional Hornpipe, Traditional Set (St. Patrick's Day), Premiership

Primary – Reel, Slip Jig, Light Jig, Single Jig, Treble Jig, Hornpipe, Traditional Set (Jockey to the Fair or Blackbird), Premiership **Note for Treble Jig and Hornpipe at this level, dancers may choose to dance either Beginner or Intermediate/Open speed for their steps.

Intermediate – Reel, Slip Jig, Light Jig, Single Jig, Treble Jig, Hornpipe, Traditional Set Dance ( Job of Journeywork, King of the Fairies or Garden of Daisies), Premiership

Open – Reel, Slip Jig, Treble Jig, Hornpipe, Traditional Set Dance, Preliminary Championship, Open Championship

Ceílí Dances - Ceílí dances will be done in accordance with Ar Rinci Foirne (blue cover 2003 edition) as published by An Comisiun.

Premierships/Championships - These are additional rounds competed.  Dancers compete 2 dances in the Premiership/Championship rounds and scores are combined for an overall score.  Dancers may only participate in one Premiership/Championship at a feis. Dancers may only participate in Premiership or Open Championship if they danced at least 2 solos in the grade (regular) competitions.   Dances for each level: Beginner & Primary Premiership - Reel & Light Jig; Intermediate Premiership - Reel & Treble Jig; Preliminary Championship - Reel & Treble Jig; Open Championship - Reel & Treble Jig. 

Treble Reel Competition - This competition is open to any/all dancers regardless of level.  Competition will be a Halloween treble reel.  Don your funniest/most creative/scariest/loveliest costume, we'll provide the music and competitors will dance 1 step right and left down the line.  We will end with the rally bang/3-3-1-1-3 step at the end (right side only, started by last competitor after conclusion of his/her step). 

What are the speeds for the dances?
Beginners: Reel, Slip Jig, Single Jig - 121, Light Jig - 116, Treble Jig - 85
Primary: Reel, Slip Jig, Single Jig - 113, Light Jig - 116, Treble Jig - 85 OR 73, Hornpipe - 138 OR 113
Intermediate: Reel, Slip Jig, Single Jig - 113, Light Jig - 116, Treble Jig - 73, Hornpipe - 113
Open: Reel, Slip Jig, Treble Jig - 73, Hornpipe - 113

Traditional sets are danced right & left of step and right only of set except at the Open level where both right & left of step and set are danced.

How do I register?
Registration is handled by WIDA online.  You must create an account at  - select Online Entries from the top menu bar - and then register for the Richmond Fall Feis.  For a detailed guide on how to complete your registration, view the Online Entry FAQs!

What are the fees to compete? Fees are $7/solo dance, $14/premiership, $20/championship.

When can I register? Registration is closed.

Who can compete? WIDA feiseanna are open to ALL Irish dancers, regardless of affiliation. We are proud to say that our feis is open platform – everyone is welcome! In addition, dancers of all ages – yes, adults, too! – are able to compete.

We are a performance-oriented school.
Why should we start competing? Well, for one thing, competing is fun! We have found that adding the element of competition has been a strong motivator for our dancers to improve their technique and learn harder steps, which makes for better performances, too.

How many group dances may my school enter? In how many group dances may one dancer compete?
You may have multiple groups/dances in any category; however, each DANCER may only be in one dance per category and age level.

How do I determine my dancers’ levels if this is their first competition? Your first source is WIDA. Contact WIDA on their Facebook page or the contact page on their website for guidance. 

What should I wear? WIDA attire requirements are fairly specific and restrictive. Beginner dancers who are under the age of 15 (ie. they compete at age 14 or under) must wear a white polo shirt and a solid-colored skirt (females) or black pants (males). There may not be any embellishments made to these items.  Primary and Intermediate dancers who are under the age of 15 (i.e. they compete at age 14 or under) must wear their polo and skirt or a school dress.  Males at the Intermediate level may wear a colored shirt instead of the white polo shirt.  Dancers competing at age 15 and older or dancers competing in the Open level may wear solo costumes.  Dancers competing at age 14 or under in Beginners, Primary and Intermediate competitions may only wear bun wigs in competition. Full wigs are not allowed and may result in a dancer being dropped from the top three of a result if this rule is not followed. Tiaras may be worn in primary & intermediate competitions.  No shoe buckles are permitted.  For more details, click here.   NOTE: Former NAIDF members may wear their current costume for this feis.  As of January 1, all WIDA costume rules will be in full effect!

May I videotape my dancer?  Unfortunately, no.  In order to protect the integrity of each school's steps and to comply with WIDA rules regarding the videotaping of competitions, no videorecording of ANY kind is permitted inside the feis venue.  Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and video cameras may only be used outside of the competition space (ie. in the lobby or public spaces of the school).  Anyone who is found to be videotaping inside the auditorium will be escorted out of the room and will not be permitted to return until the conclusion of the event.

Must I be present for the awards? Yes! Why would you want to miss the best part? Dancers are expected to remain at the feis through their entire level of competition and the awards ceremony. Dancers must be in full costume AND shoes when receiving awards. After the awards are given for his or her level, you are free to leave; however, you are encouraged to stay and watch the higher level dancers compete. It’s a good way to inspire your younger dancers to excellence!

What are the differences between WIDA and CLRG or CRN rules? Here are a few, but go to the WIDA Rulebook for the full list.
  • Costumes are much more restricted - see above.
  • Levels are different and more dances are available at the Beginner level.
  • No going onto the toes during preparation/introduction is allowed.  Dancers must start with one toe pointed and the other foot FLAT on the ground.
  • All levels are danced via the "pick up" system.  That is, dancers prepare to dance and start immediately following the previous dancers' steps.  There is no waiting period between dancers.  Only Beginner-level dancers are counted off.  All others must count off themselves and start at the correct time!
  • WIDA rules are fairly restrictive on what movements are allowed at the Beginner and Primary levels.  If you are an open platform dancer, we STRONGLY suggest that you consult the WIDA rulebook online and with your teacher to ensure that your steps comply with WIDA regulations!

Is there an admission fee? There is a $5 admission fee for all observers ages 4 and up; however, competitor dancers and teachers are free.

What is there to do in Richmond after the feis is over?
There are a lot of things to do in Richmond - just take your pick! We have history, parks, plays, restaurants, sports, and much more. If you’re a history buff, check out the Museum of the Confederacy or Agecroft Hall, a Tudor mansion. Like the outdoors? Check out Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden or Maymont. Check out Visit Richmond for more ideas!